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Welcome to iMarketing Magazine!

Our mission is to identify and explain the applications, services, and technologies that allow companies and professionals to promote products or services using Internet Marketing programs and systems. Readers learn about the available types of Internet Marketing systems, how they operate, and effective ways to use them.




iMarketing Magazine

Web Page Ranking Services

 Web page ranking is the evaluation of the relative popularity of web pages.


Google Ranking

Googlerankings is a tool that retrieves the location and ranking of websites on Google's search result page.

Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a web analytics company that continually crawls all publicly available web sites to create a series of snapshots which are used  to create features and services:


Compete is a web analytics company that generates data  from consumers' online behavior - whether they're watching, searching, shopping or socializing.


Dynamic Software is an Internet marketing software company that develops advanced Internet Web Promotion application solutions.

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