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Welcome to iMarketing Magazine!

Our mission is to identify and explain the applications, services, and technologies that allow companies and professionals to promote products or services using Internet Marketing programs and systems. Readers learn about the available types of Internet Marketing systems, how they operate, and effective ways to use them.




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Affiliate Networks

 Affiliate networks are companies or systems that link merchants that want to promote their products or services to companies that are willing to promote these products or services on their web sites.


AdPepper offers media agencies, advertisers and websites individual solutions for  affiliate marketing.

DoubleClick is a provider of digital marketing technology and services including search and affiliate marketing.

ValueClick delivers scalable solutions for advertisers to cost-effectively acquire customers and for publishers to maximize their revenue.

Linkshare is a provider of technology solutions, services and the distribution network e-retailers need to create and manage affiliate marketing programs.

Commission Junction is a provider of online advertising channels including affiliate marketing and managed search.

Atlas provides digital media technologies for agencies, advertisers and publishers.

AMWSO is a Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Program Management company that brings together the needs of affiliates and merchants.

They provide incentive based affiliates with the tools and support to produce commissions from our advertisers.

NeverblueAds is a affiliate network, Through their network of select affiliates, they connect qualified customers to online advertisers each year.

They are a full service direct marketing service, technology, and infrastructure company specializing in several lines of online media and technology solutions for the Direct Response industry.

Panthera Network, a Division of Panthera Interactive, LLC, is an online marketing solution that specializes in performance-based advertising.

ModernClick is a provider of performance-based direct marketing solutions on the Internet.

They are a full service Internet marketing company with turnkey, performance driven solutions that work.

DirectROI is one of the LeapLab group of companies that focuses on the delivery of sales leads to merchants, using the power of Affiliate marketing.

OMG Network is a  affiliate marketing network in the UK for financial services and insurance programmers.

Xorclicks provides its partners with a  staff of marketing professionals, and advertizing services.

Trienta Affiliates is a  performance-based Internet marketing network dedicated to advertisers to consumers through its affiliate network.

Ad Communal Inc. is a performance based online marketing provider for advertisers, publishers and online affiliates.

Pepperjam is a full-service internet marketing agency.

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